We are on our way and with much prayer and consideration I know that I must go. This is a REEP trip that means:

R-Research, looking, spying out the land and seeking to see what God will show us.  R has also stood for rescue when is comes to victims of sra/mpd, human trafficking and those demonized
E-Exposure of radical evil and of the work of the enemy in the area with prayers to expose what is hidden and to come against what is going on.
E-Evangelism, this is the primary goal, the best picture of our attempts is Acts 8
P-Lots of prayer, intercession and warfare prayer. The moment a reep trip starts its prayer all the time. We target the issues needed and seek the Lord for great intervention and answers.

This trip to the upside down mountain in Bugarach has been on my heart for about 8 months and the sense that I must get there has been a burden/calling for the last two months. So with the prayers and sense of calling to go it is clear the Lord Jesus has made a way. Some very kind and supportive friends have stepped out to help make this trip... THANK YOU TO EACH ONE OF YOU

We shall see what the Lord will do. The love of God has filled our hearts for the people of France and for those at the Mountain. I feel that this place does have something to do with the ancient Nephilim and even a ritual site. It must have been a major spiritual gateway in past history and the dark side (masquared) has summoned tens of thousands to come and ....engage them. With a false hope which usually ends in destruction (solar temple) dark spirits as always seek to kill, steal and destroy.

Jesus came to give life and (His) life to abundance (full), to see what God as done to come for and reach all of us. See the Gospel of John for what God has done.

Russ Dizdar

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