In Canton, Massillion and Mansfield for REEP team prayers and outreach. In Canton and then Massillion (3 times) We were checking out the area for sra victims and the old mental institution.

Off to Mansfield were four us us were praying (shatter prayer map) on the way down. Met up with Tom Dunn and he set up a meeting with a man who may have been used in mind control projects. Tom then lead us to the Presbyterian church where a number of kids were sexually abused and some satanic rituals were done.. the case is still open to us. Tom led us through Mansfield to pray and then took us to the old prison and it was open. I pulled in and saw that the huge front doors were open so we stop and just went in. They have a ghost hunter group there and we talked to some of the workers and shared our work. We are looking into doing a conference or prayers strategy session there. Many sexual predators in the area, there is a dark history here and the old prison/reformatory does seem demonized.

Meeting Tom Dunn when he first brought us down there to speak at a conference in the Mansfield Renaissance building has proved to be a 'mission' call to focus on Mansfield for prayers, revival and a number of REEP trips there. Back then LA Marzulli, Gary Kah and I spoke and some ...undergrounders/infiltrators did come.

Looks like we will be in Mansfield a lot!  Acts 5:42
Another on the ground seeking Acts 8