2017 GOALS

1. New Shatter website to serve hundreds of thousands from around the world( ON GOING)
    Now over 34 million downloads in 170 nations with tens of thousands of new listeners listening
    live daily.
    New addition of satellite stream and soon AM stations for the Ragged Edge Radio Worldwide

2. Make the live broadcasts better in sound and accessibility to hundreds of thousands in many
    nations.  There are now dear friends listening from over 160 nations of the world.
    I will seek this year to add Short Wave and local AM station and along with a mobile unit
    that will enable me to broadcast from anywhere.

3. Seek that God's presence, power (revival) will truly impact many…Acts 4, 6, 8
    Dear folks have gotten saved, baptized, built up, prayed for, set free from demonic presence
    I will still seek Acts 2 4 6 8 ...Gods power and revival n TEN MILLION FIERCE ! THE CALL

4. Add to 4 of the ongoing training series and start 6 more (see web site in Jan)
    The spiritual warfare part one and two, occult crimes part one and two, the book of Acts verse
    by verse study and training on evangelism and pray to be done this year. and The Ragged Edge

5. Push the prayer/warfare SHATTER PRAYER INTERCESSORS and seek to recruit thousands of
    new prayer warriors from around the world  Many are joining and praying weekly

6. Launch 'BOOTS ON THE GROUND' Evangelism REEP trip conference training locally here and
    seek to take this to other states. I will seek REEP trips in Victoria BC, Pa, Sedona Az., and among
    the Mayan temples. We have been to over 80 cities and trips to France, Germany and Poland too.

7.  Russ has spoken-preached in over 60+ Conferences and 2016 is now filling up
     60+ Conferences with 4 more set for 2016 and 4 local one day seminars with live stream

8. Launch the new monthly pdf/ re-designed PREEMPTOR newsletter
    Is now a weekly update new alert, news, offers and weekly Radio series posted. A live video post
    of Preemptor live/shatter live TV

9. Launch (started already) local Friday night Shatter training here
    We have held 38 meetings at the home and may have to move to a outside building because
    many are coming. The Shatter Live prayer/bible study will continue 2016. We had over 60
    folks in our home on the last one

10. I will Release the Workbooks for Occult Crimes,
      Theocentric Counseling and Shatter Prayer Mapping and Freedom, Encounters
      (inner healing /deliverance.. also book  ONCE BLIND asap then complete AWESOME PRAYER
      book, SEEING INTO THE FUTURE and finally R1919

11. Seek the Lord with others here for uncontested evidence for exposure of the deep underground
      (satanic rituals, ritual abuse) and seek the best/better healing and help for victims. Possible
      conference focusing on SRA/MPD   Shatter SIIU team is growing. We will seek a safe house for
       victims Finding more with more victims each week seeking help. Have acquired the largest
      occult crime research center

12. Seek better broadcast equipment and be ready for great doors to reach out to millions the world
      over. Seek AM stations . The potential is now into the millions
       see PROJECT 'ENGAGING THE GLOBE'  see new major funding proposal here
       We are seeking funds to reach hundreds of thousands more

13. The Shatter SIIU has turned evidence in occult/satanic crimes and
       continues to work on 'cold' occult cases and investigating new ones

14. The goal to inspire.. recruit committed prayer intercessors is vast.. but it is a possible
       and goal

       And to be ready for whatever else God opens up to us.

Our need for those enabled, thank you
see new major funding proposal here
If this work is beneficial to you and you feel it is needed....I hope you can help and invest in this work

ROMANS 16:25-27

THE RAGGED EDGE RADIO Monday thru Friday